of Jesus Christ.



We believe that a Christian life is a life of serving others. A life of service is a life well-lived.

Below are just a few of the ministries at LifePoint just for you.

  • Free Bible Studies

    Although the Bible fascinates many people, they often don’t know how to study it. Life Point Church is dedicated to helping people better understand scripture and how it applies to their lives. The 12-lesson study starts in the book of Genesis and reveals the threads of truth that stretch all the way to the final book of Revelation. The lessons can be taught in the comfort of your own home or at a meeting room at Life Point. Our skilled teachers will make scripture come to life.


  • Family Coaching

    Your family coach can direct the entire family in living by biblical principles. Lessons include: how to Resolve Conflict, What Does It Mean to Honor Your Parents, Attitude 101, The 5 Love Languages, and Forgiveness.

  • Marital & Pre-Marital Coaching

    Whether your marriage is experiencing significant stress or you simply want to be proactive, marital coaching is a wonderful service.

  • Hospital or Home Visitation

    Times of sickness can be very distressing. Life Point Church has a ministry team that would be happy to visit you at home or hospital to offer encouragement and prayer.

  • Prayer Chain Ministry

    In times of tragedy or crisis, it’s comforting to know that you or a loved one is being covered in prayer. Our members constantly support one another in prayer both during our Monday night prayer meetings and through emails that are sent out with urgent requests.

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